Is *Sprayable Sleep* a Insomnia Solution?

Insomnia I’m not is unknown, as 1 in 3 adults, most of whom are women. When I fall in bed, even though I’m tired and I want to sleep, my mind does not seem easy. Many thoughts invade my mind and stay awake until I got up to drink warm milk to make a hot bath or watch TV in the hope that something of all this “get” and will play in Morpheus knees. As statistics show, this scenario is almost every day for 14% of the population suffers from chronic insomnia. Luckily for me, but for all those who “fight” night with your pillow, experts looking for efficient ways to manage sleep and give answers to our most important issues on sleep.

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How much sleep do we need?

Although most waking refreshed after sleep or Moro eight hours, the truth is that the hours of sleep we need varies from person to person. In any case, research suggests that 7-8 hours of sleep and perfect, in fact, the relationship with longevity. Again, however, things are relevant. As we age, for example, less the necessary hours of sleep (egg, six hours considered sufficient), maybe because they do not get tired now to the same extent in our brains. What this means as experts explain, while we sleep our brains “rewrite” (put in order the information of the day). The duration of this function depends on the necessary number of data “Load” whenever our brain.


“Why slow take me to bed?”

“What he meant by what I say?” “How will I pay the part of the loan?” “Do not forget to write children’s painting class” … If the time you fall into bed we occupy our minds with a lot of thoughts come to us not to hang sleep. This form of insomnia is the most common. As experts explain, at night, when there is calm and relaxed atmosphere, all thoughts during the day, did not have time to process, invade our mind and keep us awake. Our brain is made greater vigilance and trying to find the solution to our concern. In this way, relax and insomnia.

“I woke up in the night and I can go back to sleep”

The sound of a car or navigators enough to wake us. Interrupted sleep is another form of insomnia, which is due to our brain remains awake hyper vigilance and so easily and with minimum noise. In other words, “doze”, still occupy our minds day problems and even overnight. Moreover, other concerns as to whether we can sleep anxiety and insomnia exacerbate the problem worse. However, you must realize that the night your mind is tired. As much as we think our problems essentially “goodbye”, not solve them. However, in the morning, when the mind is relaxed, you are more likely to conceive a good idea to solve a problem.


Insomnia bad for your health?

After a bad night’s sleep, the worst that can happen to us is physical fatigue and inability to concentrate at work. In addition, it is possible that we opened the appetite, that according to a study published in the journal “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, participants consumed up to 560 calories more per day than Montanan

4 hours compared to when sleep is 8 hours.

But when insomnia is frequent, so that our body suffers the effects of chronic stress. Several studies have linked chronic insomnia with hypertension and type 2 diabetes In addition, it was shown that those who sleep every night less than five hours, the risk of stroke (due to deposits higher calcium in the arteries that contribute to the creation of atherosclerosis plaques). In addition, the 14-year study by the University of Pennsylvania, recently published in the journal “Sleep”, he noted that the mortality rate in men with chronic insomnia (less than 6 hours of sleep day) increased (51%).

Lack of sleep “swag” skin?

Chronic insomnia leaves its marks on the skin, the most characteristic dark circles under eyes. In addition, the color of the skin becomes dull and lifeless as wrinkles and sagging skin appears earlier than those who sleep well. For the good of our skin and beyond, experts advise to sleep eight hours, to fall in bed for about 11 hours (not, for example, at 1 pm) and sleep in a dark room, which facilitates sprayable sleep secretion, a substance is considered to have anti-aging effects.

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Insomnia is associated with depression;

Insomnia is often one of the first symptoms experienced in patients suffering from depression. In fact, the experts noted that in cases of mild depression often has trouble sleeping one night, and when depression is more severe, the patient may wake up very early in the morning and moody.

Red power

The cherry juice can reduce the severity of insomnia, according to a recent survey, published in the “Journal of Medicinal Food.” The participants drank cherry juice every morning and evening

15 days after the completion of which reported a reduction in the time needed to get to sleep by 17 minutes. Researchers attribute the catalytic action of sleep cherry in its content sprayable sleep, a substance linked to the sleep-wake cycle. Sprayable sleep secretion in the body increases when night falls. It has been associated with the treatment of insomnia, so that it is available at relatively formulations. Although, according to experts, has shown to be effective against insomnia; excluded not be useful in some cases.

“What would help me sleep?”

Good to hide the clock in the drawer, because when we try to measure and how many hours of sleep left us, the more we are frustrated and we ‘hang’ do not sleep.

Also, if buzz after a half hour in bed, you better get up and lie down when you feel more tired.

Also recommended midday rest does not exceed one hour, otherwise you may disrupt our sleep at night.

As our diet, we are wise to avoid heavy and indigestible foods 1-2 hours before bedtime. Same goes for coffee and colas because they have a stimulating effect.

For 1-2 glasses of alcohol can help us sleep. The abuse, however, can cause nighttime awakenings.

In addition, after a sleepless night, the day is best to bed later and not before.

The most important thing is to let our concerns out of the room.


Awake Men

Insomnia afflicts more women than men. However, amid the economic crisis occurs more often in men. The explanation given by the experts is that men always have the social role of “breadwinner” and considered “responsible” for the financial management of the family. Therefore, they experience major concern is the time and often lose sleep.

“I take the pills?”

Under no circumstances must take medication for insomnia, although we visited a psychiatrist to examine and diagnose problems if we actually insomnia, who is responsible and how we could possibly help us. There are two classes of drugs for the treatment of insomnia, benzodiazepines, and a new class of substances (called “Z” group). The latter has the advantage of being about 4 hours excreted by the body, so the next day did not sleep and no head “heavy”, such as benzodiazepines. However, both types of drugs gradually lose their efficiency (the phenomenon of resistance, which means that time passes, the increase in the drug dose) and addictive. If they stop, insomnia may occur again (rebound). For all these reasons, the advice of a psychiatrist is necessary before taking any of these medications. As for the family of herbs could help valerian, passionflower, a balm or lime.

A sleep stage

The technology suggested by experts and will help us to relax is the “showcase” a quiet and pleasant scene in our minds. Some, for example, relaxed as they think they are walking in a green way, others think that swim on a beautiful beach; go sailing or live on the farm of your dreams.


Benefits of exercise?

Made facilitate our exercise is not doing enough sleep 2-3 hours before going to sleep, as it will lead to the opposite of the desired result. Perhaps the only exception is sex … it’s a bit tiring relaxes the body.

Thank you for your cooperation PAVLO Mr. Sake, assistant professor of psychiatry at the medical faculty of the University of Athens and Dr. Katrina Lambeosaurus, dermatologist-endocrinologist.

SOS insomnia

Place in bed, close your eyes and fall asleep. Right? Unfortunately for one in four of us are not. In fact, women are twice as likely to have sleep problems as men.

If you type in Google the word insomnia, will get us out of so many results, we have not the time to look. If you look over the books of the Amazon sleeping problems, we find more than 10,000. And then we wonder why on Earth. It is so wrong with our time? 100 years ago, people suffering from insomnia. The answer is that, as a society, we have forgotten how to sleep. If we ask a man who sleeps with effortless ease what to do sleep, I will answer: “Nothing.” On the other hand, those who suffer from insomnia will give us a whole list: listen to this song, enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, drinking warm milk, chamomile or other herbal teas, avoid caffeine, and do not sleep at noon…. All this, however, rather than facilitate, further complicate the situation, making sleep a rite and make it more difficult to achieve. Modern people are well aware that good sleep is very important. Thank you to him, we can prevent obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, depression and even automobile accidents. Experts, in fact, to emphasize its importance, saying characteristics: We can start taking a multivitamin every day from tomorrow for all our lives and not see much improvement in mood and our strength. But if you sleep well tonight, tomorrow morning, we will see very significant difference. Unfortunately, the sleep of smooth and uninterrupted night is not given to everyone and especially for all of us. Normally, we can report that 1 in 4 women trouble falling asleep at least three of the seven nights of the week, 30% of the population regularly sees nightmares and one in four would sacrifice the same sex for a month in return for good one night sleep.


“The night I fall asleep, but in the morning I wake up before the alarm”

It is a situation that probably all faced at times of our lives, because we are something very unpleasant, as a separation, a health issue, death of a loved dismissal, etc. In this case, we woke up earlier than expected, with little rest, and often rethink what we’re interested in getting out of bed sometimes this morning, waking up early can happen to us without any obvious problem.

What experts explain to wake up early in the morning is often a symptom of depression because, while one knows exactly why, depression often fluctuates depending on the time of day and was observed have more severe symptoms during the period of morning, so he is accompanied by up early and mood swings.

The solution in these cases because depression, even if it is at an early stage or need medical latent and responsible approach, must, if the problem does not go away by itself and persist for some time to seek help a psychiatrist to treat and of course cause insomnia such.

“Sleepy, but when I went to bed that I sleep’

The truth is that we all belong to the lucky few who fall immediately to the arms of Morpheus just touch your head on the pillow.

What happens when it does not immediately we sleep, angry, because we fear they will “lose sleep” and not ourselves, finally, give a chance to fall asleep? In fact, experts say that it is perfectly normal to take us 30 to sleep.

Solution what you need to do is stop trying. To sleep is a normal process that we cannot control, and therefore any attempt failed. What we can do is to calm down: imagine a still image, such as a meadow, a deserted beach, or focus on our breathing, feeling soft pillow on our faces, the sheet on our feet … If our spirit “leaves”, should try to “carry” back focusing our thoughts on something that absorbs us, preventing us think, for example, counting sheep or speak through us as many words as we can think of starting with letters the successive alphabet.

“I woke up in the night and I can go back to sleep”

Some, while managing to fall asleep, waking up after a few hours at night and it is very difficult to recover the sleep or sometimes not able to fall asleep again.

What happens essentially, these people do not suffer from insomnia, but have a poor quality of sleep. During the night, we all make small awakenings and then goes back to sleep without realizing it, but if we are in stress, can one of those moments to wake up and have trouble falling back to sleep.

Or an appropriate solution is to first observe what the reason to get up in the night is. If, for example, our awakens our need to go to the bathroom, we have to avoid many liquids before bedtime and if the problem persists, you need to consult a specialist, for certain situations, such as diabetes, prostate hyperglycemia, pregnancy, etc. ., Increasing the need to urinate during the night. If we awaken our fear and want, for example, to make sure you lock the door, you should before you sleep to have calmed down and make sure the doors are closed, eyes out of cooking, etc. Another possibility is our brothers our partner. In fact, according to a study from the University of Surrey, 50% sleep problems due to the partner with whom we share our bed, which probably snores, pirouettes, then read bright light during sleep, etc. In this case, if the wrong partner habit that robs us of sleep is not corrected, it may be appropriate to sleep for a separate time, to see if it would improve the quality of our sleep. On the other hand, it is not impossible ideal conditions in which we sleep like a lot of heat, cold, light, and “bad” atmosphere, can affect the quality of our sleep. So to make our stay perfect for sleeping, we must all lights, to ventilate the house for 10 before bed as plugs noise to disturb us. If you wake up in the night for no apparent reason, we should try to calm down and needed to get out of bed and do something that will distract us from insomnia. If, for example, read a book or watch TV, we are likely to fall asleep more easily than if you were sitting on the bed and turning in bed But if the problem persists despite the little “tricks” that we apply, we need to see a specialist for help.

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“In the time of sleep, insomnia”

Although he continues to feel a little dark rested and energetic.

What sleep is a necessity of the organization cannot “squeeze out” or be deprived for a long period (more when our body cannot stand each other, is sure to fall asleep, as if trying the opposite). It helps the mind primarily and secondarily the body to rest the previous day and gives a chance for the brain to process experiences and enter.

The solution Some people (for example, unemployed, sick or elderly) do not exercise the mind or the body and therefore have difficulty sleeping at night because the body does not feel so strongly the need for sleep. They need to sharpen their minds (egg, solving crossword puzzles, and reading, talking with others, watching television or listening to the radio) and they form your body (egg, cleaning or walking). On the other hand, can cause insomnia certain drugs (egg anti hypertensive, antidepressants, decongestants, medicines containing caffeine or cortisone) that stimulate the central nervous system. Those who take these medications should consult their doctor about. Sleep disorders can also have those who overdo it with coffee (recent US study showed that even a cup of coffee with breakfast can affect sleep), those who sleep late in the morning or enjoy a nap, but they exercise very vigorous just before bedtime or pain that cannot be installed.

“I sleep, but I see nightmares and wake up”

We all see dreams when we sleep, if we remember or not. Nightmares however spoiled our sleep.

The astatine of sleep can have if you consume heavy meals in the evening, both because of digestion and due to discomfort from the food itself. The same should happen to drink too much before bedtime. Although alcohol helps sleep, their consumption in large quantities can cause hyper vigilance or discomfort.

The solution should avoid large meals at least 2-3 hours before bedtime, but it is not necessary to go to bed hungry after the concern that hunger creates, we can trigger and that, in turn, issues of insomnia. Good to prefer starchy and dairy products, operating in a way those natural tranquilizers. If we still find ourselves overeating, Lets drink a soda or an antacid, which aid digestion and relieve discomfort. Also, if we drink enough before bed, drink lots of water and eat something in order to fight against the symptoms of gastritis that can cause alcohol. But if the nightmares continue for a long time, are frequent and we grieve, we visit a specialist mental health to help us, and it is probably hiding a problem (egg, depression).

What is Sprayable Sleep?

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How To Use Sprayable Sleep

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What Urges me to Use Sprayable Sleep?

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Is *Sprayable Sleep* a Insomnia Solution?